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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Acclaimed Iranian drama “Dressage” won the College Students Prize of the 29th Ciné Junior International Youth Cinema Festival in Paris, the organizers announced on Monday.

Directed by Puya Badkubeh, “Dressage” was selected as best film at the Iranian Film Festival in the Czech capital of Prague in January.

The film is about Golsa and her friends who rob a corner shop. But while evaluating the booty, they are dismayed to realize that they forgot to take the security camera footage. One of them must return to the crime scene and retrieve it. The vote falls on Golsa, who bravely completes the mission. Her friends’ behavior makes her think, and she hides the hard drive somewhere in secret. But her accomplices and their well-to-do families, worried about their social standing, put more and more pressure on Golsa.

source: Tehran Times

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