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TEHRAN. (Iranart) – Eleven films will be competing in the 10th London Iranian Film Festival as the organizers have announced the official lineup.

Rona, Azim’s Mother, an acclaimed movie by Tehran-based Afghan director Jamshid Mahmudi, is among the films selected to screen at the festival, which will open on Friday.

The lineup also includes A Man Without Shadow by Homayun Asadian and Weightlessness by Mehdi Fardqaderi.

The six-day festival plans to organize the Middle East Guest Programme in which movies by filmmakers from the region will be reviewed.

In the Last Days of the City by Egyptian director Tamer El Said is one of the films, which will be screened during this program.

The film is about a documentary filmmaker in Cairo who has difficulty finishing his film, so his friends send him footage from the cities they live in: Baghdad, Beirut and Berlin.

Zagros, a co-production between Iraq and Belgium by Sahim Omar Kalifa, and Turkish Ice-Cream by Turkish filmmaker Can Ulkay will also go on screen in this section.

During the event, the organizers also plan to hold a session on October 27 to discuss Iranian cinema.   

The purpose of the discussion is to bring further awareness to the Iranian film industry and learn more about how it has gained great cultural significance in Iran, the organizers said in a statement for the meeting.

Source: Tehran Times


London Iranian Film Festival
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