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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Two short movies by Iranian filmmakers have joined the Rhode Island International Film Festival, which opened on Tuesday in the U.S. cities of Providence and Newport.

“Fault Line” by Soheil Amirsharifi and “Gabriel” by Yusef Kargar are the movies. 

“Fault Line” tells the story of Nahal, who breaks her arm in a fight at school. Later, a man claims to the school principal that Nahal had hit someone while riding a motorcycle and fled the scene. While her injured arm shows evidence of her involvement in the accident, she denies it by asserting that the CCTVs prove she hurt her arm at school.

The film won the award for best short at the 63rd BFI London Film Festival in October 2019.

“Gabriel” is about a middle-aged man who lives with his son. His wife has been lost for some time. All the people are suspicious about her. One day news comes to him and he has to choose one: expediency or conscience?!

The festival earlier announced that three other Iranian movies are competing in the festival, which will be running until August 9.

The films “Coup 53” directed by Taqi Amirani, “Untimely” by Puya Eshtehardi and “Termites” by Masud Hatami.

The Rhode Island festival was established by George T. Marshall, the founder of the Flickers Arts Collaborative. Flickers organizes the event in collaboration with several other institutes.

source: Tehran Times

Rhode Island International Film Festival
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