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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- Iranian cartoonist Mojtaba Heidarpanah has taken second place at the 28th International Satire and Humor Festival City of Trento in Italy.

He won the prize in the Satire and Humor category, in which Turkish artist Dogan Arslan won first prize, the organizers have announced. 

“For giving an original and effective version to the sense of limitation represented symbolically as the building of a wall, stopping the playing moment and walling in the playing itself, with a violation of the rules of time, space and movement that enhances its irrationality and horror,” the jury wrote about Heidarpanah’s cartoon.

The contest is organized every year by the Andromeda Art Studio, a cultural association that has been operating internationally for over forty years in the fields of satire, illustration, painting and other fields of art.

“Limit” was the theme of the 28th edition of the International Satire and Humor Festival City of Trento.

The jury composed of Marilena Nardi, Luigi F. Bona, Roberta Opassi, Assunta Toti Buratti, Luigi Penasa, Umberto Rigotti and Giulia Pedrotti judged the submissions at the contest.

“For having synthesized, in a single image built with perfect technical knowledge, many perceptions and interpretations of the limit, perceived as an inescapable rule, a helpless state, while concern is amplified by stillness, by suspended time and by the apparent absence of violence,” the jury commented about the top winner of the event.

Third prize in this section went to Raffael Blumenberg from Switzerland.

The artwork received the prize “For the graphic and essential clearness in the representation of the extreme limit, with the powerful contrast between man’s determination that keeps going toward his progressive isolation and the lack of awareness about the inescapable conclusion of a definitive cancellation of himself.”

In the Comics section, only one work by French cartoonist Clement Thiriet was selected as a winner, and Mansur Dehqani from Iran and Silvia Detassis from Italy won honorable mentions.

source: Tehran Times

Mojtaba Heidarpanah 28th International Satire and Humor Festival
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