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Tehran. (Iranart)-Actor Nasratollah Vahdat, who is most famous for his roles in several movies, died from pneumonia at a Tehran hospital on Tuesday. He was 95.

“He passed away from pneumoniaon Tuesday,” his son, told the Persian service of Isna.

Nosratollah Vahdat (September 1925 – 6 October 2020) was an Iranian comedian, actor, and director. He is best known in Iran for his is Esfahani-Accent. He started his professional life at the age of 18 in Isfahan. 

He has acted in 43 films, including "The French Bride". This film was the first Iranian film to win an award at the Asian Film Festival.

In 2018, Nosratollah Vahdat was honored for his lifetime achievements at the Theater House Celebration

After the 1979 Iranian revolution he ceased acting in Iran.

National Library of Iran Nasratollah Vahdat
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