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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Three Iranian animations produced by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults are competing in the Corti a Ponte Short Film Festival, which is currently underway in Italy.

“Am I a Wolf?”, “The Cycling Wind” and “The Fisherman and the Spring” have been selected to be screened in the official competition.

“Am I a Wolf?” by Amir-Hushang Moin is about a group of students who are performing a play called “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats” in which everybody has a role. 

The students are totally taken in by their roles in a way that the boundary between reality and acting can hardly be distinguished. Meanwhile, the child who is acting as the wolf and is doomed to be defeated feels lonely and irritated. He takes his role too seriously, and there is a bit of chaos. At the end, the presence of the other children and his friends near him take him out of this atmosphere.

The movie has received awards in several Iranian and international events, including the award for best film at the 8th Canlandiranlar Film Festival in Turkey, the Grand Prix at the 12th Paris International Animation Film Festival and the Light of Asia Grand Prize at the 15th Indie-AniFest Korea Independent Animation Film Festival in September 2019.

The film also won the Golden Dove for best animated film at the 62nd DOK Leipzig in Germany in November 2019 and a prize worth 1 million yen at the 18th Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan in August 2020.

“The Cycling Wind” by Nazanin Sobhan Sarbandi tells the story of a young wind that comes into possession of a bike, which helps the wind to blow even faster without expending much energy and to truly enjoy its time.

“The Fisherman and the Spring” by Seyyed Hassan Soltani is about a fisherman who is waiting for the spring to arrive. His waiting is over now and he tries to find out why spring is late. However, he cannot find an answer until he sees a beautiful blossom.

The Corti a Ponte festival has been divided into two sections, the first of which ran in May and the second began on October 31 and will be running until November 6.

“The Truth of My Life” produced at Iran’s Sahar and Salman Art Workshop competed in the first section of the festival and received the 11-13 Senior Jury Special Mention. 

source: Tehran Times

Corti a Ponte Short Film Festival
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