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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Eight acclaimed documentaries by Iranian filmmakers are to be reviewed in a special program during the 14th edition of Cinéma Vérité, the major Iranian documentary film festival has announced in unveiling its lineup for the Special Screenings category.

“Coup 53” by Taqi Amirani is a highlight of the lineup. 

While making a documentary about the Anglo-American coup in Iran in 1953, Amirani and editor Walter Murch find an extraordinary and never before seen archive. Documents and 16mm footage recount this story in unprecedented detail, with explosive revelations about secrets hidden for 66 years. From a historical documentary about four days in August 1953, the film becomes a living investigation that exposes the roots of Iran’s volatile relationships with the United Kingdom and the USA.

“The Snow Calls” by Marjan Khosravi, which was screened at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) this year, will go on screen in this category.

The documentary centers on Mina who, after bearing three daughters, has just one more chance; her next child has to be a boy or her husband will marry another woman.

That’s the tradition. The very pregnant Mina and her family live in southwestern Iran, where the rules of the Bakhtiari tribe apply. This time, the expectant mother decides not to have an ultrasound scan, for fear of the result and the gossip that would ensue. She is already under enough pressure from her in-laws, although she does still have people on her side too.

Another entry to this section is “Sketches of Living in Quarantine” directed by Farshad Fadaian who gives an account of what happened over the five months after the first COVID-19 cases were detected in Iran.

The lineup also features “Life Story of Bolur” by Amir Farzollahi. The film is about the life story of Mohammad Boluri who is known as the father of Iran’s investigative journalism.

“House of Silence” co-directed by Sahand Sarhadi and Farhad Qodsi, “Rex Cinema” by Mitra Mehtarian and Sadeq Dehqan, “The Champion” by Elham Qaderi and “Madness” by Sadra Alibek will also be reviewed in the category.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s Cinéma Vérité will be organized entirely online from December 15 to 22.

source: Tehran Times

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