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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- The National Museum of Iran in Tehran has recently published a book reviews the history of Iranians’ relationship with the sea.

“Human and the Sea: A Review of Thousands of Years of Relationship between the Human and the Sea in Iran” is bilingual in Persian and English, the museum announced on Wednesday.

Compiled by Fereidun Biglari, Jebrail Nokandeh, Abdolmajid Naderibani and Ali Hojabri, the book contains 17 articles on the sea and sailing in Iran from the Stone Age to the Qajar era by Iranian and foreign scholars including Dutch Iranologist Wouter Franklin Merijn Henkelman. 

It also features photos of tools related to sailing in different eras in Iran displayed in an exhibition the museum organized during December and January.

“Human and the Sea” has been published in collaborations with the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran and the Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science.

source: Tehran Times

Human and the Sea
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