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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Iranian theater teacher Hassan Dowlatabadi has recommended two of his books he believes are appropriate to read during the home quarantine.

“Training through Theater at Home and Educational Centers” and “Training through Stories at Home and Educational Centers” are the books written by Dowlatabadi.

“The subjects of the books are involved with the COVID-19 crisis and compulsory home quarantine and help parents and teachers how to use theater and stories to teach children,” he told the Persian service of MNA on Saturday.

Dowlatabadi, who is also the director of the Children’s Theater Office at the Art Bureau, added, “The books familiarize you with methods to entertain children at home and are really applicable in the home quarantine.” 

He also announced his plan to write a new play about a person infected with coronavirus and has to battle the illness alone while away from home.   

A theater professor at Soore University in Tehran, Dowlatabadi said that people have to change their behavior due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He added that people around the world have increasingly turned into frequent users of social networks, applications and the Internet, which he believes will be regarded more in the future.

“Due to the lack any planning, our society have to use a trial and error method to achieve a better result from social networks and this usually takes a longer time,” he stated.   

source: Tehran Times

Hassan Dowlatabadi
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