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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- A Persian translation of German writer Sebastian Fitzek’s crime thriller “The Package” has recently been published by Tandis Publishing House in Tehran.

The book has been rendered into Persian by Mahvash Khorramipur.

“The Package” is about a young psychologist, Dr. Emma Stein, whose life suddenly turns into a nightmare when one night in a hotel room she becomes the next victim of the “hairdresser”, a psychopath who rapes young women and cuts off their hair. 

Deeply traumatized by the deed and the loss of her unborn child, she feels safe only in her small house in Berlin’s Grunewald and is now fighting against her paranoia and the side effects of her many drugs within her own four walls. 

When the postman asks her to accept a parcel for a neighbor whose name she has never heard before, she is forced to leave her house for the first time in six months and loses her judgment about reality and delusion.

Fitzek was born in Berlin in 1971. After going to law school, he decided against a juridical profession for a creative occupation in the media. 

After an internship at a private radio station he switched to the competition as head of entertainment and became chief editor later on, thereafter becoming an independent executive consultant and format developer for numerous media companies in Europe.

He lives in Berlin and is currently working in the program management of a major capital radio station.

His most popular book is “Die Therapie” (“The Therapy”).

source: Tehran Times

The Package Tandis Publishing
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