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TEHRAN.(Iranart) -The online version of the Dehkhoda Lexicon, the most comprehensive Persian language dictionary, was launched on the new website of the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute on Tuesday.

Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda (1879–1959) was the author of the Persian language dictionary.

The launching ceremony was attended by the dean of the University of Tehran, Mahmud Nili Ahmadabadi, and the director of the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute, Mahmud Bijankhan, at the International Center for Persian Studies in Tehran.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nili Ahmadabadi said that Dehkhoda made a tremendous, precious effort in compiling the dictionary and has lent an everlasting treasure for the next generations with his strenuous endeavors. 

“Today, despite the development of the Persian language, the Dehkhoda Lexicon is still used as an official and comprehensive source by the Persian language scholars,” he said. 

He next expressed thanks to those who helped prepare the online version of the lexicon and said, “We had noticed that the lexicon was used on different websites illegally, however, this online version released on the official website is a valuable resource for the Persian language and culture aficionados.”

He also proposed that there should be more efforts to make the search in the online version of the lexicon much faster and added, “If the scholars and literati can also leave their comments on the website for further development of the website, it will bring a big asset to the institute.”

Next, Bijankhan said that the institute was long determined to update the website and launch the online version of the lexicon. 

“Since the institute has the most relations with Persian aficionados across the world, the website has been updated both technically and graphically. We are also planning to better present the website in the future,” he said.

He also noted that the institute has so far published eight Persian language teaching books for the non-Persian speakers and they have been highly welcomed.

“We are compiling more books. The institute has also trained over 20,000 international students, while besides learning the Persian language, Persian art and culture have also been taught during the courses,” he said.

Akram Soltani, the director of the editing department of the institute also said, “The institute published the lexicon in 14 volumes in 1993 after it was completed in 1980, later it was republished in 1998 in 15 volumes with an introduction and a collection of its CDs was released in 2000.” 

Source: Tehran Times


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