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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) director Majid Rajabi-Memar has warned that the forum is facing financial problems and will face closure if no immediate and serious actions are taken.

Earlier last month, he also talked about the financial problems of the forum and asked the Tehran Municipality, and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for financial support, however, no positive steps have been taken to date.

Hossein Mosafer-Astaneh and Iraj Raad, members of the center’s policymaking council, have also expressed their concerns over the probable closure of the forum if no serious decisions are made.

Rajabi-Memar once again stressed that the forum is on the verge of a shutdown 21 years after its establishment.

He pointed to the high status of the forum in which all types of artists have a share, and it has had good relations with many other international artistic organizations.

“After the spread of the coronavirus in the country, the forum has lost almost all of its sources of income, while it used to make money through art exhibits, theatrical performances, film screenings, cafes, restaurants and the handicrafts shop. Other costs were paid partly by the financial support of the Tehran Municipality, but this year there is no source of income and the municipally has not been able to help because of its own financial problems,” he explained.

“During these difficult days, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance as well as the Planning and Budget Organization have also had no support. I must say we are not in good financial condition; we have not been able to pay the salaries of all the employees, and have also had problems in paying their insurance fees,” he added.

“The forum has had a key role in promoting art and culture, and has never been a profit center, and as long as it can meet a portion of its costs, that has been enough,” he said.

He added, “We know all the jobs and careers have faced financial problems, however, art and the artists have faced the greatest loss. In all countries, artistic activities are supported by the governments and the municipalities, but the government here has given many promises while none has come true. And the forum, as well as other artistic venues, are still facing financial problems,” he concluded.

source: Tehran Times

Iranian Artists Forum Majid Rajabi-Memar
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