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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- The Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research in Tehran has selected French writer Victor Hugo’s celebrated novel “Les Misérables” for the Hasht Behesht Book Reading Contest.

Interested students from Tehran and Alborz provinces are invited to participate in the contest, which the center organizes monthly. 

The contest that will be held online on September 18 is based the Persian translation of the book by Hosseinqoli Mostaan, which has been published by Amirkabir Publications in two volumes.

There are over ten Persian translations of “Les Misérables”, the first of which made about 100 years ago based on an Arabic version of the book by Etesam al-Molk Ashtiani, father of prominent Iranian poet Pavin Etesami.

The second translation was provided by Mostaan during the 1920s. Iranian filmmaker and literary figure Ebrahim Golestan has called this version the most correct and valuable Persian translation of the book ever.

The latest Persian translation has been made jointly by Nasrin Tulai and Nahid Malakuti, which was published by Negah publishing house in Tehran in 2014.

Hugo’s tale of injustice, heroism and love follows the fortunes of Jean Valjean, an escaped convict determined to put his criminal past behind him. 

But his attempts to become a respected member of the community are constantly put under threat by his own conscience, when, owing to a case of mistaken identity, another man is arrested in his place, and by the relentless investigations of the dogged policeman Javert. 

It is not simply for himself that Valjean must stay free, however, for he has sworn to protect the baby daughter of Fantine. 

A compelling and compassionate view of the victims of early nineteenth-century French society, “Les Misérables” is a novel on an epic scale, moving inexorably from the eve of the battle of Waterloo to the July Revolution of 1830. 

source: Tehran Times

Victor Hugo Les Misérables
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