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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- British writer Jonathan Fenby’s book “Will China Dominate the 21st Century?” has recently been published by the Qoqnus Publishing House in Tehran.

Shahriar Khajian is the translator of the book, which was originally published by Polity in 2014.

China’s spectacular growth and expanding global role have led to visions of the 21st century being dominated by the last major state on earth ruled by a Communist Party. In his widely acclaimed book, renowned China expert Fenby shows why such assumptions are wrong.

He presents an analysis of China under Xi Jinping which shows the highly significant challenges the country faces which stand in the way of global domination. 

For all its spectacular growth, it has to deal with major political, economic, social and international tests, each involving structural difficulties that will put the system under strain.

Based on the author’s extensive knowledge of contemporary China and his close analysis of Xi’s leadership, this incisive analysis offers a pragmatic view of where the country is heading at a time when its future is too important an issue for wishful theorizing.  
Fenby is a former editor of the Observer and South China Morning Post and a founding partner and Managing Director of Trusted Sources Research Service.

He is an author of several popular books on China, including the acclaimed “Tiger Head, Snake Tails” (2013) and “The Penguin History of Modern China” (2009).

source: Tehran Times

Jonathan Fenby Will China Dominate the 21st Century?
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