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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- A Persian translation of “Buildings and Structures” from British scholar Felicia Law’s Stone Age Science series has recently been published in Persian in Tehran.

Ali Khakbazan is the translator of the book published by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA).
“Buildings and Structures” is about Leo, who teaches his cat Pallas all about buildings and structures by applying his knowledge of science to their stone age world. Engaging illustrations and stories provide a fun introduction to science concepts, including ramps, forces and loads, tension and more. Information boxes accompany each story to explore real applications of buildings and structures in the natural and designed world.

The IIDCYA has previously published “Energy and Movement” and “Simple Machines” from Law’s Stone Age Science series, which was published with contributions from Gerry Bailey and Mike Phillips.

Children’s author and international publisher Law is the managing director of Allegra Publishing, an established and vibrant children’s publishing company located in London. 

She is the author of 175 children’s books, which have been published by a range of prestigious publishers worldwide, including Penguin Books, Harper Collins, Octopus, Andre Deutsch, Hodder and Stoughton, Kingfisher, Hamlyn, E.J. Arnold and U.S. based World Book Encyclopedia. 

Additionally, she has spent over 20 years heading up children’s publishing companies and divisions worldwide, having served as an editorial director and publisher in U.S., European, Arab and Chinese owned companies based both overseas and in the UK. 

Law is also a qualified teacher who founded a flourishing and highly reputable school in London where she served as the head teacher for 7 years. 

Subsequently, she established a children’s bookstore in London. Her market knowledge and track record in education and in writing, as well as creating and marketing successful educational programs, lies behind the success of Allegra Publishing’s dynamic and innovative publishing profile.

source: Tehran Times

Buildings and Structures
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