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TEHRAN. (Iranart) -The book "Fabric Design" by Pariyoush Ganji, teaches the principles and basics of the work step by step and simultaneously with creating the work for the audience.

 Pariyoush Ganji's book "Fabric Design" is the first comprehensive book in Persian in the field of teaching this field, which teaches different types of fabric design from basic to advanced levels.

This work teaches the principles and foundations of the work step by step and simultaneously with the creation of the work. The author explains how to design fabrics from different designs such as pottery patterns of ancient Iran or inspired by modern motifs. In another topic, design for a wide range of fabrics with different applications is considered.

This work is divided into four booklets that include Booklet one: "Scarf", Second booklet: "Style, forest, Qajar", third Booklet: "Interior Decoration" and the fourth booklet is called "Free-themed fabric design".

Ganji is the first Iranian artist to receive the Comparative Art Research Fellowship of the Japan Foundation and to study Iranian designs on Japanese kimonos, especially during the Sassanid era; she has also been the cultural representative of the Japan Foundation in Iran. In December 2016, Ganji was awarded the Emperor of Japan Medal of Honor "Shining Sun, Golden Light with Neck Ribbon" to the veteran artist. From her, the book "Color Lights", small paintings "Dawn" and a collection of works of a decade have been published. Finally, she has gathered her years of experience teaching textile design in the book "Fabric Design", which has recently been published by Karnameh-e-Kitab Publications and is available to those who are interested.


Pariyoush Ganji "Fabric Design"
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