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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- A Persian translation of Mark van Roojen’s book “Metaethics: A Contemporary Introduction” has recently been published by Taha Publications in Qom.

The book has been translated into Persian by Mohammad Zandi and Moslem Qorbanbabai.

“Metaethics: A Contemporary Introduction” provides a solid foundation in metaethics for advanced undergraduates by introducing a series of puzzles that most metaethical theories address. 

These puzzles involve moral disagreement, reference, moral epistemology, metaphysics and moral psychology. From there, author Mark van Roojen discusses the many positions in metaethics that people would take in reaction to these puzzles. 

Van Roojen asks several essential questions of his readers, namely, what is metaethics? Why study it? How does one discuss metaethics, given its inherently controversial nature? Each chapter closes with questions, both for reading comprehension and further discussion, and annotated suggestions for further reading.

The book begins by explaining three central goals that experts believe drive much contemporary metaethical theorizing: to provide a plausible conception of the subject-matter of ethical thought and discourse, to explain the practicality of ethics, and to explain the possibility and texture of ethical knowledge. 

The book then uses these goals to motivate and evaluate systematic metaethical theories, from simple views that are often used as instructive foils to the most influential contemporary options. Fair-minded, illuminating and accessible to the neophyte, this is an invaluable resource for students and teachers of introductory courses in metaethics.

Van Roojen is a professor of philosophy at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He mainly teaches and publishes in the areas of metaethics, ethics and political philosophy. He has a metaethics textbook for Routledge that just came out in June 2015. 

His most widely read papers have been in moral rationalism, expressivism, moral psychology and the semantics of moral terms. Much of his work involves bringing considerations and ideas from outside ethics to bear on ethical and metaethical issues since he likes to read on a broad range of issues.

source: Tehran Times

Metaethics: A Contemporary Introduction
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