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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- Tony Harcup’s book “Alternative Journalism, Alternative Voices” has recently been published in Persian by Logos Publications in Qom.

The book has been translated into Persian by Jafar Mohammadi and Mehdi Montazer-Qaem.

Bringing together new and classic work, this book considers the development of alternative journalism from the 1970s up to today. 

Harcup builds an understanding of alternative media through the use of detailed case studies and surveys. Including opinions of journalists who have worked in both mainstream and alternative media, he considers the motivations, practices and roles of alternative journalism as well as delving into ethical considerations.

Moving from the history of alternative journalism, Harcup considers the recent spread of ‘citizen journalism’ and the use of social media, and asks what the role of alternative journalism is today.

Harcup’s writing about journalism can be found on university reading lists around the world, and has been translated into many languages including Chinese, Korean, Polish, Romanian and Persian. 

Tony has more than 30 years of personal experience as a staff and freelance journalist in alternative and mainstream media ranging from small local weekly publications to national newspapers, magazines and websites.

source: Tehran Times

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