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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- Kakoli, a leading publisher based in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, has recently published a book on Iranian studies.

“A Review of Iran” has been authored by Muhammad Mumit Al-Rashid, an assistant professor at the Department of Persian Language and Literature at the University of Dhaka.

The book carries the latest studies on the geography of Iran as well as tourist attractions and ancient sites.

A chapter in the book has been dedicated to the religious sites of Zoroastrians, Christians, Muslims and followers of other monotheistic religions.

The book also contains a brief history of the country, whose civilization dates back several millennia.

Traditional rituals, Persian satires, Iranian cinema, traditional games, Persian music, women’s status in Iran, Iranian cuisine and many other topics on the country are discussed in the book.

Gholam-Hossein Gholamhosseinzadeh, a professor at the Faculty of Humanities at Tehran’s Tarbiat Modares University where Mumit Al-Rashid studied the Persian language, has written a preface to the book.

In addition, the book also has prefaces by Ebrahim Khodayar of Tarbiat Modares University and Nematollah Iranzadeh, the dean of the Faculty of Persian Literature & Foreign Languages at Allameh Tabatabai University.  

“What our world of today needs is to love humanity, regardless of differences, and to promote an affectionate dialog to live gracefully and avoid wars and violence; the very same glorious heritage our ancestors left for us in the common civilization from Bosnia to Bengal,” Khodayar wrote his introduction.

“Muhammad Mumit Al-Rashid and other scholars living in other countries have had key roles in clarifying this topic for their countrymen,” he added.

There has been a close cultural relation between Iran and Bangladesh over the past few years.

Rodela, a leading publisher in Bangladesh, published Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s memoirs “The Pains that Changed into Gains” in early 2021.

Pendulum Publications previously released a Bengali translation of a book containing 10 stories by the renowned Iranian novelist and short story writer, Jalal Al-e Ahmad in Bangladesh. 

The book has been translated by Muhammad Abdus Sabur Khan, who is a faculty member at the Department of Persian Language and Literature of the University of Dhaka.  

source: Tehran Times

Kakoli A Review of Iran Muhammad Mumit Al-Rashid
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