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TEHRAN. (Iranart) –Ahmad Shamloo's book "Abraham in the Fire" in Italian, with a painting of Aydin Aghdashloo on its cover, has been published in recent days by the ensemble publishing in Italy.

Faezeh Mardani and Francesco Okchetto have translated this collection of poems, and the book, with an introduction by David Berlow, will be released this month, April 2021, in Rome, Italy.

On the cover of this book is a work from the collection of the intercession of the angels by Aydin Aghdashloo, which was created in 1993 with the gouache technique on cardboard in the size of 70 by 100 cm.

Abraham's collection of poems, in the selected 21 poems from 1970 to 1973 was first published in 1973 and during these years its reprint in Iran has double-digit and is now available in the Italian language.

Aydin Aghdashloo Ahmad Shamloo "Abraham in Fire"
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