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TEHRAN.(Iranart) -A Persian translation of Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov’s book “Stalingrad Fight on” has been published by Sib-e-Sorkh Publications in Tehran.

The book translated by Hassan Rezai-Sadr consists of two parts. The first part is about the Battle of Stalingrad during World War II. The second part includes two short stories and a war report by the writer.

The first chapter of the book includes three news reports about the war, which were published in local newspapers. 

The significance of “Stalingrad Fights on” is that it is entirely based on true events. All the characters, soldiers and civilians who are mentioned in the book are actual people who shared their memories with the author. 

Each of the book’s stories narrates a descriptive tale of the horrific conditions at the forefront of the Stalingrad war, citing the heroism of soldiers as well as civilians in resisting the invading army. 

Simonov’s observations and memories shape the two short stories and the war report in the second part of the book. 

In an introduction to the book, translator Rezai-Sadr emphasized the need for translation such books to Persian and said, “The new generation of readers are not very familiar with the genre of war literature.”

“In my opinion, the narrative style presented in this book, written by one of the most famous authors of socialism and war literature, is very excellent,” he added.

Simonov was a Soviet author and a war poet. He was a playwright and a wartime correspondent, most famous for his poem “Wait for Me”.

He is among the most prominent authors of literature on socialism and war, with many of his works translated into several languages. 

During World War II, Simonov was recruited as an official newspaper correspondent after studying war journalism at the Lenin Military-Political Academy.

He was promoted to senior battalion commissar in 1942, a lieutenant colonel in 1943, and consequently rose to the colonel rank after the war. 

Source: Tehran Times

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