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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Talaye Porsoo Publications has recently released a Persian translation of “Our History Is Still Being Written: The Story of Three Chinese-Cuban Generals in the Cuban Revolution”.

The book written by Armando Choy, Martin Koppel, Gustavo Chui and Moises Sio Wong has been translated into Persian by Nasser Yekta.

The book is a chapter in the chronicle of the Cuban Revolution, as told by those on the front lines of that ongoing epic.

Armando Choy, Gustavo Chui and Moises Sio Wong, three young rebels of Chinese-Cuban ancestry, threw themselves into the great proletarian battle that defined their generation. 

They became combatants in the clandestine struggle and 1956-58 revolutionary war that brought down a U.S.-backed dictatorship and opened the door to the socialist revolution in the Americas. 

Each became a general in Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces. Here they talk about the historic place of Chinese immigration to Cuba, as well as more than five decades of revolutionary action and internationalism, from Cuba to Angola, Nicaragua and Venezuela. 

Through their stories the social and political forces that gave birth to the Cuban nation and still shape our epoch unfold. 

We see how millions of ordinary men and women like them changed the course of history, becoming different human beings in the process.

“These books are the kinds of books historians are always hoping for, but that very rarely see the light of day. Their value for average readers and for scholars cannot be overstressed, for several reasons, the most important being the historical process of reconnecting Cuba and Africa at a time when such reconnecting continues to be fiercely discouraged by the powers-that-be… In a subdued, almost humble, way, these books can be seen as collective praise for what Cuba has been able to do, not just for specific African countries, but for the majority of humanity resisting the unrelenting assaults of the capitalist system,” Jacques Depelchin wrote in African Studies Review on “Our History Is Still Being Written”. 

source: Tehran Times

Our History Is Still Being Written
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