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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- The Tehran-based Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities – SAMT has published English scholar Michael Scott’s book “Religious Language” in Persian.

Hamed Qadiri is the translator of the book, which was originally published by Palgrave MacMillan in 2013.

Scott addresses a range of central questions about the meaning of religious language and discourse: Should we treat religious discourse at face value or are there fundamental differences between religious discourse and other areas of descriptive discourse? Is “God” a name and how does it refer? Are religious utterances metaphorical? Do religious utterances express feelings, intentions or stances as well as or instead of beliefs?

The book draws on current research in the philosophy of language as well as work in theology and Continental Philosophy to develop a novel theory of religious language. 

New work and original insights are also presented on the historical development of research in the field. This is the first original, wide-ranging account of the meaning of religious language in over two decades.

This study reviews some of the principal themes in contemporary work on religious language. Unlike other recent surveys, the most pressing issues about religious language are addressed from the perspective of the philosophy of language; different positions taken on these issues by philosophers of religion and theologians are considered. 

Topics that are covered include the subject matter of religious discourse, reductionism and subjectivism, expressivism, the nature of religious metaphor, religious fictionalism and truth in religious discourse. 

The study also looks at the relationship between questions about religious language and cognate areas of philosophy of religion such as epistemology and metaphysics, and potential future directions of research.

Scott is a senior lecturer in philosophy at the University of Manchester, UK. In addition to writing numerous papers in the field, he has edited “Reading Philosophy of Religion” with Graham Oppy and “Realism and Religion” with Andrew Moore. 

He is co-editor of the philosophy of religion journal Ars Disputandi.

source: Tehran Times

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