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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Iranian scholar Asghar Montazeralqaim’s book “Early History of Islam” (“Frühgeschichte des Islams”) has been published in German.

The book published by Tredition Gmbh has been translated by Mir Kamaladdin Kazzazi.

In an introduction to the book, the scholar wrote that Islam has determined the fate of large parts of the world for fourteen centuries.

It has been an active player on the world political stage for forty years, he said and added that one of the tasks of a historian is to shed new light on the darkness of present events by illuminating the past, to make them understandable and - where possible - to find new solutions.

“I hope this book is an ointment for the wounds of Muslims… and motivates them to strive to create a better future,” noted Montazeralqaim who is a lecturer at the University of Isfahan in Iran.

His specialty is the history of Islam with a focus on Shia history. He has learned from famous masters such as Seyyed Ghaffar Shahidi. Another book by him on Shia history is “The History of the Imamate”.

The book also contains illustrations by Maassouma Dabbous of the Department of History and Cultural Studies at the Free University of Berlin.

Montazeralqaim has also worked on joint study projects, one of which is “Study of Women’s Cultural Role in Safavid Period”, which was completed with Zeinab Sha’bani.

Women’s role in the preservation and transmission of culture, as a consequence of their being mothers, has been ignored in many studies carried out on women, they have written about the book.

Numerous historians deem the Safavid period the darkest period of women’s life in Iran’s history. This book was written to provide a deep insight into women’s cultural and social status in this period.

This study has been carried out based on the travelogues of Iran written during the Safavid period.

Montazeralqaim has also written “The Status of Physician Historian in Islam Historiography” with contributions from Torab Attari and Hassan Abdipurfard.

source: Tehran Times

Asghar Montazeralqaim Early History of Islam
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