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“Who Is Kamala Harris?”, a book from the Who HQ series about the U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, has been published in Persian.

Iranart: Written by Kirsten Anderson, the book was first published on January 19, 2021 by Penguin Workshop.

The Persian translation by Shabnam Samian was published by Aftabkaran with its original illustrations by Manuel Gutiérrez.

The inspiring story is told in the new Who HQ Now format for trending topics.

On November 7, 2020, Harris, a senator from California, became the first woman and the first African-American and South Asian-American person to be elected to the vice presidency. 

While her nomination for this position was not unexpected, her rise to national prominence was filled with unexpected turns and obstacles. 

After failing her first bar exam to become a lawyer, she tried again and passed. From there, she quickly rose through the legal ranks, serving as district attorney of San Francisco, then California's attorney general, and soon, senator. 

As a politician, Harris has been a vocal champion of progressive reforms and women’s rights. This exciting story details the defining moments of what led to her nomination and all the monumental events since that have shaped her career and the future of America.

Kirsten Anderson is a writer and an actress who lives in New York City with her charming Pomeranian, Sunflower.

She has written several biographies for children, including “Who Was Andy Warhol?” and “Who Was Robert Ripley?”

Also published by Penguin Workshop, “Who Was Andy Warhol?” is a biography of the world-renowned artist Andrew Warhol, a sickly boy, a talented printmaker whose art sometimes resembled advertising, and the founder of the Pop Art movement.

Best known for his screen prints of soup cans and movie stars, this shy young boy from Pittsburgh shot to fame with his radical ideas of what “art” could be. 

Working in the aptly named “Factory,” Warhol’s paintings, movies and eccentric lifestyle blurred the lines between pop culture and art, ushering in the Pop Art movement and, with it, a national obsession. “Who Was Andy Warhol?” tells the story of an enigmatic man who grew into a cultural icon.

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source: Tehran Times

Who Is Kamala Harris?
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