Composer, vocalist, and performer Parvaz Homay performed the Hallaj Opera at the Niavaran Complex in northern Tehran. The opera is story of Mansur al-Hallaj (858-922 AD) a Persian mystic, poet and teacher of Sufism. He is better known for his saying “I am the Truth” (Ana ‘l-Haqq in Arabic), which many saw as a claim to divinity, while others interpreted it as an instance of mystical annihilation of the ego which allows God to speak through the individual. Fearing Hallaj’s thoughts and ideas and the growing number of his followers, Al-Muqtadir Caliph of Baghdad executed him after an extended period of incarceration on religious and political charges. Parvaz Homay, 39, also known by his birth name Saeed Jafarzadeh, is the founder of Mastan Ensemble. He specializes in Persian classical music.

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