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Tehran.(Iranart)- As Irancel Said, 710 thousand of its users attended this concert. Although many of them could not join it because of the infrastructural problems.

On Eid al-Fitr, Homayoun Shajarian, Iranina traditional and fusional music singer, performed in an online concert led by Bardia Kiaras  in Vahdat Hall.

The concert was began with a famous song named " Havaye Geryeh" composed by Mohammad Javad Zarrabian.

Then right after this song, he performed "Nasime Sahar", which is a Saadi’s poem.

In this concert, other songs such as "Afsoonga", "Gharibaneh"," Ey Ashegan", "Setareha", "Hasele Omr", "Dafter del" were also performed which are for his great album "Nasim Vasl". 

In the final parts of this concert, Homayoun performed his famous song “Morghe Sahar”. If there would be fans in the concert, maybe there would be humming and long encouraging. "Morghe Sahar", is a composition by Morteza Ney Davoud and poem of Mohammad Taghi Bahar (Iranina Persian Poet) which was has been performed by MohammadReza Shajarian before.

Finally, the concert ended with some selected songs of “Nasime Vasl’ and “Setareha’ albums and all musicians left the stage with encouragement. In this performance, 35 musicians accompanied Shajarian and Kiaras. Shajarian has already announced in his Instagram page that the composition of his songs are by Mohammad Javad Zarrabian, Sina Jahan Abadi and Amir Azimi specifically composes “Morghhe Sahar’.

The “Nasime Vasl” concert was broadcasted in Lenz TV in which 710 thousand people attended the concert in the early moments of it. Although so many people could not attend this concert due to infrastructural problems. 

Many singers and musicians decided to hold online concerts due to the social restriction of Pandemic Covid-19.

Some concerts were taken place on Norooz holiday out of special halls and named "Norooz Khaneh" which was broadcasted form Milad Tower.

After that, some singers and bands such as "Parvaz Homay", "Ali Zande Vakil", "Rastak group" etc hold concert with cooperation of Roudaki cultural and art foundation of Vahdat hall which were welcomed very well in public. Although Homayoun’s concert was the first on which was broadcasted from Irancel’s Lenz TV. In addition to some problems occurred in this concert, definitely it was one of the most popular online concerts so far.



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