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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Arash Avesta, the leader and singer of the Avesta band, has said that his group recorded an album of folk songs from across Iran, which will be released in the near future.

The group has spent four years preparing a collection of 28 songs, 12 of which will be published in the audio-visual album “Happiness of Iranian Tribes”.

“The orchestration of the album is based on Iranian instruments, and wind instruments and local instruments have also been used to embellish the tracks,” Avesta said in a press release on Sunday.

“Lyrics in each song are also based on the accents the local people speak, however, each song has a chorus in Persian, which is the common language of all Iranians; this lets all people enjoy the songs,” he added.
He said he has gained valuable experience as a singer in performing the songs on the album, and added, “I also used harmonies from Iranian and classical Western music in the performances.”

“The visual aspect of the album provides an opportunity for the audience to be familiar with the ambiance of the folk music across the country and their local instruments and attire,” Avesta noted.

He also announced his plan to publish a collection of the folk songs in few next years.

source: Tehran Times

Arash Avesta
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