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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Iranian vocalist Amir-Reza Heravi released his debut album “Sobhe Khialangiz” (“Dreamy Morning”) recorded with the Prague Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra, the Persian service of IRNA reported on Wednesday.

Heravi began learning music at 14 from top musicians such as Mohammadreza Lotfi, Ali-Asghar Shahzeidi, Mohammad Golriz and Alireza Qorbani.

He had said earlier that he is under the influence of Hossein Khaje-Amiri and Gholam-Hossein Banan, two top Iranian vocalists.

Iranian musicians Pedram Faryusefi, Meisam Marvasti, Nilufar Mohebbi and Atena Eshtiaqi have also accompanied the orchestra. Eminent musician Mahyar Alizadeh and several other musicians have collaborated in this collection as composers. 

The Prague Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 2002 with the vision of creating an ensemble specializing in the recording of soundtracks for motion pictures.

The members of the orchestra are players selected from major Prague-based symphony and opera orchestras: the Czech Philharmonic, the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Prague Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra of the National Theater.

The orchestra has been involved with many award-winning projects including the film “Leviathan” with music by Phillip Glass, which won Best Film at the London Film Festival. The orchestra also performed on the soundtrack of “The Musketeers” on BBC 3, in the major Czech film “Milada” and in a number of films by Polish director Jacek Bromski.

The orchestra has given performances in Prague and other Czech cities and abroad, and performs many premieres by contemporary composers, including Argentine composer Daniel Doura’s monumental Sinfonia Argentina, which was first recorded in 2015 and given its world premiere in 2018 at concerts in Prague, Teplice and Munich. 

source: Tehran Times

Amir-Reza Heravi Sobhe Khialangiz
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