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TEHRAN. (Iranart) – An Iranian troupe led by director Pouyan Ahmadi is performing French writer Jean Anouilh’s play Romeo and Jeannette at Tehran’s Mehregan Theater.

Written in 1945, the play is about Julia, whose upper-class fiancé Frederic brings his mother to meet Julia’s lower-class family. Julia is ashamed of her family, which consists of a hedonist father, a drunken son whose wife has left him, and another daughter, Jeannette, who has a bad reputation in the neighborhood.

Frederic and Jeannette fall passionately in love and run away together. To prove her suffering love for Frederic, Jeannette cuts her wrists, while her sister Julia, the abandoned fiancée, has taken poison.

Azar Ebrahimi, Mahmoud Khodaverdi, Afra Navai, Faezeh Qadami and Taraneh Yusefi are the members of the cast for the play, which will be on stage until November 1.

Source: Tehran Times


Romeo and Jeannette Jean Anouilh Pouyan Ahmadi
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