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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- Renowned Iranian writer Gholamhossein Saedi’s plays “Dictation” and “Angle” have been published in Turkish in Istanbul.

The plays have been released by Totem Publications in one book titled “Dikte ve Kose” (“Dictation and Angle”). The Iranian Turkish literature scholar Aidin Sardarinia is the translator of the plays. The project is part of Sardarinia’s MA thesis. 

The two plays bear political themes. “Dictation” is full of political sentences dictated to a student, while the student resists writing the sentences and his resistance is portrayed in the play.

“Angle” is full of characters with a variety of different thoughts and opinions who are delivering their lectures at an intersection. The garbage scattered in the street and the people gathered in the area and the dialogues between them bear interesting social topics. 

The publisher has previously published Saedi’s short story collection “Mourners of Bayal” translated by Hashem Khosroshahi.
The book is about the dark adventure of a single village. The stories are considered the first examples of magical realism in Iranian literature and storytelling.

Saedi (1936-1985) was a psychiatrist, editor and a dramatist who wrote under the pseudonym, “Gowhar Morad”.

Saedi was born into a middle-class family and was raised in the city of Tabriz where he began his literary career as he pursued his education, culminating in a medical degree from Tabriz University in 1961. 

He composed some poems, only a few of which were published. He also collaborated in the translation of some works.

“The World’s Best Dad”, “An Eye for an Eye”, “The Flower Hamlet” and “Housewarming” are some of Saedi’s works. 

A collection of plays by Saedi entitled “Bright House” has already been translated into Arabic. 

source: Tehran Times

Dictation Angle Gholamhossein Saedi
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