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TEHRAN.(Iranart)- A play inspired by Persian poet Ferdowsi’s epic masterpiece Shahnameh is currently on stage at the Niavaran Park in Tehran.

Saeid Changizian is the director of the play “Stories from the Land of Wise Men”, which narrates the life stories of the main characters in the Shahnameh, including Zahhak, Zaal, Rudabeh, Rustam, Fereidun, Sohrab and Sudabeh.

“The members of our troupe began rehearsals during the quarantine individually at home. After the quarantine, the group rehearsals began. We chose Niavaran Park to better showcase the nature, forest and river hidden in the Shahnameh stories," Changizian told the Persian service of IRNA on Monday.

“The play does not have big changes in the main topic of the stories, however, the form and the style of narrations have changed,” he said.

He added that the stories have been selected by the actors based on their personal tastes and approaches so that they could better express their inner feelings. 

“We have tried to keep in better contact with the audience by limiting changes in the stories,” he said.

“The green environment of the park has also been a good place to narrate the selected play. Considering the green environment of the park, we tried not to have any special settings and stage designs, so the natural environment [of Niavaran] was the best place for the performance,” he explained.

He added that the play has been warmly received since August 5 when the troupe began its performances. 

“Every night we only allow 50 people in the audience in order to observe health protocols and social distancing,” he concluded.

The play will be on stage until September 10.


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