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TEHRAN.(Iranart) –Amir-Reza Kuhestani, director of the acclaimed plays “Hearing” and “Timeloss”, has prepared Irish writer Samuel Beckett’s tragicomedy “Waiting for Godot” for some open-air performances in Tehran.

In a press release published on Wednesday, Kuhestani’s public relations team announced that his troupe is currently rehearsing the play.

Despite the male nature of the characters in “Waiting for Godot”, he plans to stage the play with a cast of five actresses.

Kuhestani is the director of the Mehr Theater Group, which has performed his plays “Hearing”, “Summerless” and “Timeloss” in Italy, France, Germany and several other European countries.

The play was originally published in 1952 in French as “En attendant Godot”. It was a true innovation in drama and the Theatre of the Absurd’s first theatrical success.

“Waiting for Godot” consists of conversations between Vladimir and Estragon, who are waiting for the arrival of the mysterious Godot, who continually sends word that he will appear but who never does. 

They encounter Lucky and Pozzo, they discuss their miseries and their lots in life, they consider hanging themselves, and yet they wait. 

Often perceived as being tramps, Vladimir and Estragon are a pair of human beings who do not know why they were put on earth; they make the tenuous assumption that there must be some point to their existence, and they look to Godot for enlightenment. Because they hold out hope for meaning and direction, they acquire a kind of nobility that enables them to rise above their futile existence.

Source: Tehran Times

Amir-Reza Kuhestani
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