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TEHRAN –(Iranart)-Franco–Belgian writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s 1999 play “Between Worlds” (“Hotel des Deux Mondes”) will be staged at the Shahrzad Theater Complex in Tehran.

The Parvaz theater troupe led by actor-director Erfan Maqsudi will perform the play at the Sanubar Hall of the complex on Wednesday and Thursday.

“‘How on earth did I get here? When will I be able to leave? Where will I go?’ Every guest who gets to the Two Worlds Hotel asks the same questions. But nobody knows the answers,” Schmitt’s official website wrote about the story of the play. 

“In this strange place, anything is possible, even miracles - the lame walk again and liars tell the truth. The enigmatic Doctor S. looks after the guests during their stay, but his silence only increases their fears,” it added.

“Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s new play after ‘The Visitor’ is a metaphysical suspense drama between dream and reality, life and death, comedy and tragedy. Schmitt’s play is another desperate quest as well as a variation on the notion of Meaning. In the end, Mystery remains the sole reason for hope,” the website explained.

“Between Worlds” will be staged based on a Persian translation of the play by Shahla Haeri.

Several plays by Schmitt, including “Partners in Crime”, “Enigma Variations”, “Oscar and the Lady in Pink” and “The Night of Fire” have been performed by various groups in Iran. 

Maqsudi, Shahdi Ruzbehani, Samaneg Bajelan, Arman Mahrokh, Farshad Gudarzi, Bahar Zarrin, Dadmehr Badparva and Arian Talai are the members of the cast.

Source: Tehran Times

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt “Between Worlds”
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