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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – G abbeh or gabba carpets are a traditional variety of Persian carpets, which are simple in pattern and color but feel coarser than normal machine-made or handmade carpets.

Usually woven in medium sizes (90x150 cm) by hand, they are characterized by their abstract designs that rely on open fields of color and playfulness with geometry. Gabbeh patterns are of a very basic kind with only a limited number of decorative, mostly rectangular objects mainly resembling animals.

Inspired by these rugs, Iranian artist Mana Fakur has created a series of paintings she is currently exhibiting at Vali Art Gallery in Tehran.

On show are 10 paintings that Fakur created after one and half year of studying gabbeh designs made in different cities of Iran.

“I really adore these carpets. It is indeed unfortunate that they are not much known…so I wanted to bring this beautiful art to the attention of our people,” Fakur told Honaronline.

“The carpets reflect the daily concerns of rural  women who make them as they do not follow a pre-designed pattern and weave off the cuff.”

According to the artist, ‘goat’ is one of the prevalent elements of these carpets; an element that comes from the weavers’ daily life. “Goat is a symbol of blessing and fertility,” she added.

Vali Art Gallery, located at No. 72, Khoddami St., Vali-e-Asr St., will be displaying Fakur’s artworks through February 6.


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