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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- “New Message to Europe”, an art project initiated by Iranian graphic designer Shahram Entekhabi, will be carried out on Friday at Kunsthall 3.14, an art gallery in the Norwegian city of Bergen.

Sets of mixed-media installation will be showcased as part of the program by Iranian curator Asieh Salimian, the gallery has announced on its website.

In addition, a lineup of short videos recorded in collaboration with 13 renowned Iranian intellectuals, academics and cultural figures from the various fields of art, music, literature, fashion, architecture, science, journalism and sports will be screened.

“After the so-called ‘Iran Deal’ was terminated by the U.S., the dialogue between the Western world and Iran has been endangered. In response, artist Entekhabi in collaboration with Zartosht Rahimi and Ali Mirmohammadi encouraged the participants to give a brief personal message to European audiences,” Kunsthall has written in a statement for the exhibit.

“Each one of the participants provides a small personal gift related to their activity. The gifts will be presented along with the videos in the exhibition at the Kunsthall 3.14. At the end of the exhibition, the visitors have the possibility to take one of the gifts with them in exchange for a small personal gift in response to the message of the interviewee,” it added.

“The gifts of the visitors will be brought to Iran and handed over to the Iranian participants. The installation attempts to create a direct and unfiltered dialogue between the interviewees and the Norwegian public, and to address personal issues that are often not found in the media landscape,” the statement concludes.

Writer Saeid Abbaspur, architect Taraneh Yalda, researcher and journalist Ali Dehbashi, musician Morteza Gudarzi, lawyer Bahman Yusefi, ethnologist Pupak Azimpur Tabrizi and psychologist Shiva Dowlatabadi are among the participants.

The exhibit will be running until June 9.

source: Tehran Times

New Message to Europe Shahram Entekhabi
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