The Etemad 2 Gallery in Tehran is hosting a painting exhibition by Shohreh Mehran. Titled Wind, the show runs until 19 November. A statement by artist reads: “We witness things around us every day. We pass by them and barely notice them because they have become commonplace. Nevertheless, they are unique because they belong to the here and now; they belong to this particular geography and cannot be found anywhere else. I have fixated upon such views for years. In the current series I wanted to bring motion into my work, which I have done using the concept of wind. The figures are still, but wind flowing through the fabrics changes their shape, creating the sensation of movement; or at least this is what I intended it to do. I select my subjects based on instinct, and the reason I am drawn to the folds and creases of fabrics and their light and shadow, is a question I have no answer to.”

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