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TEHRAN.(Iranart) -Three projects by Iranian architects have been selected by the Dezeen Awards 2020 as the world’s most popular and influential architecture and design competition has announced its longlist.

The projects are Pardis Khaneh, the Kohan Ceram Central Office, and the Nur-e Mobin Primary School, and a jury composed of Norman Foster, Joyce Wang, Michael Anastassiades and Paola Antonelli will be judging the designs.

Pardis Khaneh in Tehran by Keivani Architects is a nearly complete example of house architecture considering a residential atmosphere with regard to space psychology.

In this project, the designers have tried to revive the missing architecture of hanging gardens in a modern style. This way, a different dynamism of the building is seen all over the construction. 

The facade can be reshaped continuously, and therefore, the visitor will perpetually face a new shape of the building. The wooden surface has a special design pattern inspired by the growth of leaf plants, metaphorically the cedar. 

Pardis Khaneh has been longlisted in the housing project category.

The Nur-e Mobin Primary School in Bastam, Semnan Province, is an educational neighborhood, which performs like a city, with spaces set together that create their own neighborhoods and alleys.

It is a space that is no longer enclosed, so distances mean something new and borders are defined by the children themselves. Alleys are for building up friendships and playing games. In this complex, the children grow and taste life.

The Nur-e Mobin project has been longlisted in the civic building category.

In November 2018, the project won first prize in the Asia Public category at the 2A Continental Architectural Award for Asia and Europe in Barcelona, Spain.

The Kohan Ceram Central Office by Hooba Design Group is the headquarters for the Kohan Ceram Brick Manufacturing Company, which includes a showroom, sales office and a guest unit.

Situated alongside a highway in Tehran, this project marks the boundary between the residential neighborhood and the freeway in the urban fabric. The main criterion here was to remain neutral on the urban scale while creating a tangible entity on the local scale. 

The brick design for this project is used as the main representative of the company. The brick module not only forms the facade, but also forms the entirety of the project both on the interior and the exterior.

This project has been longlisted in the business building category.

Now in its third year, the awards program has become the benchmark for international design excellence and the ultimate accolade for architects and designers around the world.

Source: Tehran Times


Dezeen Awards courtyard of Nur-e Mobin Primary School Iranian architects
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