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Tehran. (HONARONLINE)- The Sotheby's 20th Century Oriental Art Auction was held online due to the Corona virus epidemic.

The Sotheby's 20th Century Oriental Art Auction was held online from October 20 to 27 due to the Corona virus epidemic, with 23 Iranian works at the auction selling 1,011,024 ponds accounting for nearly half of total sales dedicated to this period of Sotheby's auction. The most valuable works of the twentieth century Middle Eastern art auction.

The most expensive Sotheby's auction was a sculpture by Egyptian artist Mahmoud Mukhtar, which sold for a record 2,352,800 but the next auction places were reserved for Iranian artists.


By Hossein Zenderoudi

Hossein Zande Roudi's calligraphy sold for 277,200 at double the bid price and came in second place with the most expensive Sotheby's online auction. But the main excitement of this auction period was dedicated to the works of Bahman Mohasses.

Although a lesser-known painting by the artist with a base price of 70 to 90 thousands was the third most expensive work at the auction, a sculpture by Mohasses with a base price of 35 to 45 thousands with six times the bid price of 252,000 Hammered to make it the third most expensive work sold in the Sotheby's online auction.


By Bahman Mohasses

In this period of Sotheby's Middle East 20th Century Iranian Art Auction, 23 Iranian works out of 28 were sold. A work by Faramarz Pilaram sold for 52,920 and two abstract paintings by Manouchehr Yektai sold for 44,100 and. 32,760. From the late Sohrab Sepehri Sotheby's auction presented 4 small works in the online auction, which sold for 23.940, 16.380, 11.970, and 11.340 pounds.

A photograph by Shirin Neshat for 20,160 and two paintings by Hassan Ghaemi for 17,640 and 10,080 were hammered, too.

Another Iranian work that was welcomed by the online buyers of Sotheby's auction was the painting "Lily and Majnoon" by Sadegh Tabrizi. The work sold for four times the bid price of 15,120 pounds.

Two photos by  Shadi Ghadirian sold for 4,032 and 2,772 ponds and three paintings by Fereydoun Rahimi-Asa each sold for 3,780 pounds.

A work by Laleh Khorramian 1,890 ponds; Photo collage by Ramin Haeri for 1,764 ponds; A painting by Behjat Sadr for 1,386 ponds and a work by Shirin Fakhim for 360 ponds; were among 23 Iranian works sold at the 20th century Middle Eastern art auction in Sotheby's. In this auction, in addition to the 4 works that removed from the online selling division, 17 works were not sold. A work by Munir Farmanfarmaeian, 2 paintings by Massoud Arabshahi, and 2 paintings by Lily Matin Daftari were also among the unsold works in the Sotheby's online auction.

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