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TEHRAN.(Iranart)- An exhibition of miniatures by Hadith Fakhr is currently underway at Aran Gallery. Entitled “The Infinite World”, the exhibition will run until May 7 at the gallery located at 5 Lolagar St., Neauphle-le-Chateau St.


* A collection of paintings by Abdolreza Amin Lari is on view in an exhibition at O Gallery. 

The exhibit will be running until April 27 at the gallery, which can be found at 8 Shahin St., Sanai St.

* Samira Rezai is showcasing her latest paintings in an exhibition at Atashzad Gallery. 

The exhibit named “Spring 30” will run until April 14 at the gallery located at 3 North Abbaspur (Tavanir) St. near Vanak Sq.


* A collection of artworks in various media by a group of artists is on display in an exhibition at Soo Gallery. 

The exhibit named “The Depth of the Dark Cave” will continue until May 3 at the gallery located at 30 Purmusa St. off Somayyeh St.


* Photos by Spideh Safiyari are on view in an exhibition at 009821 Projects Gallery. 

The exhibit entitled “Assumption” runs until April 20 at the gallery located at No. 25, 18th Alley, Kheradmand St., Karim Khan Ave.

Calligraphic painting

* Negar Gallery is playing host to an exhibition of calligraphic paintings by Hassan Mehrabani. 

Entitled “Tiamat”, the exhibit runs until April 20 at the gallery that can be found at 54 near Iranshahr St., Karim Khan Blvd.

source: Tehran Times

Hadith Fakhr The Infinite World
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