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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Works by Iranian artist Yousha Bashir are currently on view at a 3D virtual exhibition, which has been organized by the Vantage Art Projects, a Canada-based collaborative curatorial platform and online magazine for contemporary art.

Curated by American painter Katie Neece, the exhibit entitled “New Visions” explores the various modes and approaches taken by artists working within the scope of “post-digital art”, organizers have announced.  

The show is an examination of the way that “post-digital” does not have one singular definition, but with the rapid acceleration of technological means to iterate, create and explore. 

This definition of “post-digital” is a constantly shifting and morphing genre adapting and evolving within its current place in space and time. As it has throughout the history of art ? technology shapes and changes the way we see the world and the way we interpret it, and these influences whether consciously or subconsciously reflect in the work that is being produced in our current moment.

Works by different artists from all over the world including Dan Becker, Austin Brady, Bex Massey, Charley Peters, Anna Nero and Bernie Liu Spimes are also on display at the exhibition, which will run until June 1. 

Born in 1988, Bashir is a Tehran-based multi-disciplinary artist who has participated in different art exhibitions in Iran and other countries. 

source: Tehran Times

Yousha Bashir
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