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The latest issue of Gardeshgar+ magazine, under the name “100 Selected Iranian Intangible Cultural Heritages”, was published in Persian and English languages in Iran.

The monthly aims to increase the public knowledge on cultural heritage and tourism in Iran, and most significantly Isfahan Province.

The fourth issue of the magazine looks into the Iranian cultural heritage in five different categories: Oral traditions and expressions, performing arts, social practices, rituals and festive events, knowledge, and practices concerning nature and the universe, and traditional craftsmanship.

The Persian New Year, Norouz, the carpet washing ritual in Mashhad-e Ardehal, lavash traditional bread, Fars carpet weaving, the traditional Iranian boat-making of lenj, the Persian passion play, ta’zieh, as well as chogan (polo), and Persian miniature are among the Iranian heritage introduced in the magazine.

The cover of the magazine, ‘Chogan’, is a work by prominent Isfahan-based miniaturist Amir-Hooshang Jazizadeh. The new issue of the magazine was published on the 88th birthday of the Iranian artist.

‘Handbook on Top 100 Tourism Destinations in Isfahan’, ‘Top 100 Tales of Isfahan’, and ‘Top 100 Eternal Memorabilia of Isfahan in Craft and Folk Art’ were the previous editions of the magazine.


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