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TEHRAN –(Iranart)-O Gallery is showcasing paintings by Mohsen Jamalinik in an exhibition titled “I Made Wine and It Turned to Grapes".

The use of wine and grapes in Iranian literature and poetry are generally metaphoric. For many poets, "reason" has been a tool and an excuse used by hypocritical rulers and scholars to dominate the public. This conflict is a reaction and resistance to the dominant social beliefs and values that ultimately result in the subjugation of people. Considering the diversity of grape products, their multiple historical meanings, and inspired by "Drunk and Accountable" by Parvin Etesami, Jamalinik started working on the collection on display in 2017. In continuation of his previous collections, the artist aims to address social paradoxes both in the form and content of his works.

By focusing on clusters of grapes and with an expressionist and at the same time minimalist approach and combining it with classical poetry and literature, the artist tries to induce timeless and placeless characteristics. By considering the traditional perspective structure in Persian Miniature, he moreover tries to emphasize the multiple meanings of grapes by taking on a sculptural approach to the subject.

Born in 1979, Mohsen Jamalinik graduated from Jahad Daneshgahi University in 2005. He has been one of the Member of “Iranian Institute of Visual Arts. He has showcased his works in solo exhibitions include Aun gallery, Xva gallery Dubai, Homa gallery. Also, Mohsen Jamalinik has participated in numerous group exhibitions.

The exhibit entitled “Demons of Shams & Molana” will run until June 8.

O Gallery Mohsen Jamalinik
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