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TEHRAN –(Iranart)-The Ayam Gallery of Dubai, in an unexpected event, began the year 2021 with the display of a new collection of paintings by Afshin Pirhashemi, which was very successful.

The distinguishing feature of this collection, which Pirhashemi calls Coca-Cola, is its color, which attracted attention after many years of black and white creations.

Pirhashemi said about this solo show at this special time in Dubai" I have named the collection on display "Coca-Cola", Along with the injured and protesting women in my paintings, I have painted the typography of the Coca-Cola global logo. With this irony, the meaning that was one of the most delicious drinks in our childhood and nowadays we have realized its various harms but the directors of Ayam Gallery have preferred to present this play under the name of "The New Body of Afshin Pirhashemi's Paintings".

Pirhashemi added about his satisfaction in cooperation with Ayam Gallery" I signed a contract with Ayam Gallery in 2012 and I am very satisfied with this cooperation. Many thanks to the gallery administrators of Ayam, They are kind and friendly like my family and helped me quickly whenever I had a problem.

 Honestly, I have to thank  Alireza Sami Azar, because he introduced me to Khaled Samavi, the founder of Ayam Gallery. Khaled Samavi was in Tehran ten years ago Alireza Sami Azar brought him to my gallery and informed me to accept the offer of this contract with Ayam International Gallery because it can make me focus on art and relieve my mind from business and sales. At the very beginning of my gallery days in 2014, he organized a very successful exhibition for me in London, which had a global impact and became a bridge for my works to be auctioned in New York to Moscow".

In Afshin Pirhashemi's paintings, only women are still seen, Women who are wounded but active! protesting and no man has entered these canvases, Pirhashemi said that"The woman, the mother, is a symbol of love and affection, a symbol of the earth and fertility, yet she is always struggling with oppression and inequality around the world, which is my best motivation to focus on this particular world. At the same time, I portray all these narratives as a man".

It is worth mentioning that the name of Afshin Pirhashemi has been repeatedly praised by Artprice in recent years as one of the 500 best-selling artists in the world; Pirhashemi, who is considered to provide a special and critical look at social issues in his works and the formation of contemporary concepts in art, was selected by Huffington Post as one of the six most inspiring artists in the Middle East; he is also on the joint list of "Artprice" and "FIAK", among the top 1000 artists of the 21st century.

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