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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- An exhibition painting by Raha Khosroshahi is currently underway at O Gallery. The exhibit will continue until July 13.

O Gallery presents a collection of canvases and works on paper by Raha Khosroshahi (b. 1997 Tehran).

Without the hassles of proposing a concept or claiming to solve a problem and by solely focusing on the act of painting and painterly concerns, Khosroshahi has spent three years working on this collection.

She has created a series of progressive works by taking advantage of the qualities of paper and through the balance of forms and colors. The combination of abstract and figurative elements in the collection on display has resulted in forms that are somewhat familiar, but far from a certainty. This uncertainty is further evident in the artist’s canvases as a result of accidental imprecisions and the limits of applying different layers of oil. Furthermore, the use of complementary color palettes in combination with similar color passages has given remarkable maturity to the works of this emerging artist.

O Gallery Raha Khosroshahi
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