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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- O Gallery is playing host to an exhibition of a collection of sculptures and an installation by Mohammad Alizadeh. Entitled “Whisper”, the exhibition will run until July 13 .

Alizadeh’s concepts usually take form in the process of working and in direct engagement with the material.

In continuation to the artist’s previous collection, “The Warrior”, Alizadeh has created the collection on display with a different approach to materials. As a result, the visible merge of wire mesh and metal wire with papier-mâché has provided him with more possibilities in the creation process.

For Alizadeh, the series began with the making and replicating of several masks and molding faces from these masks. The artist’s free approach towards the incidents and the repetitive process of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction has resulted in an installation, which metaphorically portrays the inner complexities of contemporary humans with the surrounding world.

O Gallery
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