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TEHRAN. (Iranart) – Iran/France co-production Charcoal, directed by Esmail Monsef, will go on screen at movie theaters across France in the near future, according to the director.

Charcoal is a 86-minute film co-produced by Iran and France. It is currently on screen in Iran, and will hit movie theaters in France in the near future, according to the director Esmail Monsef.

“With ‘Charcoal’, I wanted to show the process of humiliation in human beings, as humiliation will ultimately force people to take revenge,” he said.

The film is in Turkish. “The reason I chose Turkish as the language of the film was because the story was about Turks and their culture.”

Charcoal narrates the story of Gheirat, who makes charcoals in a border village in Iranian province of Azerbaijan. His son Yashar, who is in prison, comes home on furlough for his sister’s wedding. But the sudden disappearance of Yashar throws Gheirat’s life into a major challenge.

Source: Mehr News


Esmail Monsef Charcoal
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