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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Filmmaker Mohsen Damadi has said that coronavirus is gradually causing the habit of going to cinema to fade away, and is imposing a great pause in all areas.

“One of the major things in these hard days of the pandemic, is the issue of going to movie theaters and watching movies, which has made people show more interest in watching films at home during the home quarantine,” Damadi said. 

He said that no one can predict the future and added, “I believe coronavirus has given the biggest blow to the habit of watching films in movie theaters. Of course a large portion of Iranians did not have the habit of going to cinema, but even that small number has dropped”.

“Anyone who is working in the field of cinema certainly has one screenplay ready for production. I have also some, but I have no plans to present any for production, because I know that conditions to produce a film these days are not good,” said Damadi, director of the acclaimed movie “A Little Mistake”.

He said that it seems every now and then an important event occurs in the history of mankind where some can pass through safely and others lose out.

“We are not in a good condition socially, and the spread of coronavirus has halted many artistic jobs. There is a large pause and people are not aware of their future, therefore, one cannot predict what will happen,” he asserted.
“That is why launching a new film production and involving a team in the production where there is no bright future is a hard thing to do. I do not mean to be disappointed and I hope everything ends happily, but I prefer to be more cautious rather than brave,” he noted.

“I have no project for production but I completed the novel ‘Legend of an Iranian Noble’, which recently has been published,” he concluded.

source: Tehran Times

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