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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- The winners of the 3rd edition of the Youth Poetry Book of the Year were announced during a ceremony at the Iranian Artists Forum on Sunday.

Poetry collections “Female” by Sajjedeh Jabbarpur, “A Lake Understands a Lake” by Mohammad Roham and “Sunset of Pupils” by Bahman Milan received the Qeisar Aminpur Awards. 

The award is named after the contemporary poet Qeisar Aminpur after his death in 2007.

“Here’s This Poem” by Amir-Ali Soleimani, “Fabric Woman” by Nayyer Zarin, “Under the Fingers of Autopsy” by Rahmatollah Rasuli-Moqaddam and “Weeping from Stratosphere” by Foad Siahkali also received honorable mentions. 

The winners were selected among the 14 finalists by a jury composed of Iranian literati Saed Baqeri, Mohammadreza Baqeriniku, Abdorreza Musavi Tabari and Mohammad Ramezani.

source: Tehran Times

Female Sajjedeh Jabbarpur A Lake Understands a Lake Mohammad Roham Sunset of Pupils Bahman Milan
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