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TEHRAN.(Iranart) –A book featuring the Iranian capital’s architectural treasures, entitled, ‘My Tehran,’ was unveiled in the presence of Italian Ambassador to Tehran Giuseppe Perrone on January 25.

The book is a vivid picture of the Iranian capital’s architectural treasures.

In the presence of the Tehran Urban Council’s President Mohsen Hashemi-Rafsanjani, the newest book, ‘My Tehran,’ written by architect Amir Reza Farahbod, was presented for the first time at the Italian Ambassador’s residence in Farmanieh.

Perrone, in his opening remarks, described this event as a unique opportunity to highlight the extraordinary significance of Tehran’s architectural and cultural heritage that covers centuries of Iranian history. He also mentioned Italy’s many contributions to Iran’s architectural and cultural heritage, as shown by the feature of the Italian residence in Farmanieh as one of the key highlights of the book.

Hashemi-Rafsanjani praised the efforts by Farahbod and stressed the importance of ties between Italy and Iran, which he characterized as historical and deep.

‘My Tehran’ is a unique compelling introduction of 340 cultural and historical buildings of Tehran, registered in Iran’s National Heritage List and in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For the first time, all Tehran monuments are described in detail in Farahbod’s volume, and classified according to their location.

‘My Tehran’ vividly connects the history of the buildings to their dwellers, architects, builders, and historical events throughout centuries, starting from the Safavid Era up to the present time.

Farahbod is an architect and researcher in the field of cultural heritage. Author of ‘Peace Street,’ published in 2018 by Tehran’s Urban Planning and Development Center, and longtime Tehran Municipality adviser, Farahbod developed the book over eight years of work with the contribution of Tehran Municipality, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as many prominent Iranian experts, photographers and University of Tehran students.

Source: Iran Daily


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